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Diabetes is not just an episodic disease but a Lifestyle disease. It’s a very common problem these days and one has to live with it through his/her life. It’s not easy for people with diabetes as there is no known cure and the medication available.

The prevalence of diabetes is predicted to be doubled globally from 171 million in 2000 to 366 million in 2030 with a maximum increase in India (79.4 million) as compared to China (42.3 million) and the United States (30.3 million).

We understand that what we choose to eat or the way we choose to travel and work may have a visible impact on the blood sugar levels and the onset of complications of diabetes or their prevention. No amount of medication can be a substitute for Lifestyle modification.

It’s really important to take preventive measures at the first place. To cure this disease, MarcaDirect has initiated a one roof solution for this problem.

Presenting a varied range of Diabetic care products and diet supplements to manage the healthy blood sugar levels and promote holistic living.